Sewing Heads For Conveyor Systems RC-8S

MAXIMUM SPEED – 2100 stitches per minute

SEAM WIDTH – 10mm or 15mm (Change of some parts required)

NEEDLE SIZE – DR X 4 32 Organ

THREAD – Jute, synthetic or cotton (10/3)


SEAM TYPE – Two Thread over-seaming stitch

STITCH RANGE – 7mm to 15mm


POWER REQUIRED – 500 W, 2800 rpm integral clutch single or three phase motor


RC-8S – Single needle, two thread, single chain-stitch sewing head The RC-8 sewing head is a rugged, simple to operate and efficient bag closing machine for conveyor systems. Simple mechanism for adjusting the stitch length from 5 mm to 9 mm makes the RC-8 ideal for stitching filled bags of all kinds of HDPE, PP, Jute, Hessian and various types of kraft-wall paper bags with synthetics or cotton thread. The moving parts inside the machine are sealed against dirt and dust particles to ensure less maintenance is required than conventional conveyor bag closing sewing heads. It is used for closing mouths of bags filled with fertilizers, sugar, rice, flour, cattle feed etc. The mechanical cutter is available as standard in both the RC-8 models which helps severs the thread chain with ease after the bag has been securely stitched. The RC-8 sewing head is available with a wide choice of slat or belt conveyor systems in various lengths. Conveyors can also be custom manufactured to different specified lengths. The machine also has provision of a variable speed pulley allows synchronization with existing conveyor systems.


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