Sewing Machine for Attaching Net to Rope R-20NT

Single Needle, Two Thread, Overlocking (Herakle) Sewing Machine for Attaching net to Rope. Also Available in Single Needle, Three Thread, Overlock Sewing Machine Configuration Model R-20NT.

SEWING SPEED – Efficient production: Maximum sewing speed

DIMENSIONS – 12in. H x 12in. W x 13in. D (30 cm x 30 cm x 33 cm)

STITCH LENGTH – 3.5 stitches/inch (25.4mm) Fixed


CUTTER TYPE – Mechanical

THREAD – 8oz. Cotton or Synthetic thread cones.

NEEDLE SIZE – DB X 1 130/21 Organ

POWER REQUIREMENTS – AC/DC Motor: 1/10 Hp 8000 rpm 220V, 1.3 amps

WEIGHT   – 6 kg.

TYPE OF STITCH – Single thread/chain stitch

CLOSING-SPEED – 5 – 8 sec/bag, 39 fpm at 3.5 stitches/inch (25.4mm)

TYPES OF BAGS – All kinds of multi-wall paper, kraft-paper, burlap, cotton, PP/PE, Hessian, woven polyester, jute bags etc.

LUBRICANT – For extended lubrication and wear, use SAE 30 Oil


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