Bag Closer Sewing Machine – Single Needle, Single Thread NP-7A

Revo® Bag Closer Sewing Machine – Single Needle, Single Thread NP-7A

SEWING SPEED – 1800 stitch per minute

WEIGHT – 5.1 Kgs.

TYPE OF STITCH – Federal 101 – Single thread chain – stitch

CLOSING-SPEED – Approximately 6 to 8 bags per minute

THREAD – To obtain maximum sewing performance, use Revo® bag closing thread cones


STITCH LENGTH – 3 Stitch per inch (25.4mm) Fixed


TYPES OF BAGS – All kinds of multi-wall paper, jute, burlap, cotton, Hessian, woven PP/HDPE bags





Economical Revo® NP-7A Portable bag closer with steel cam is designed for continuous use.

The economical high-speed Revo® NP-7A Portable Bag Closer with steel cam provides a long, minimum maintenance service life. Engineered for continuous operation, the single thread chain stitch bag closer has a top speed of 1,600 rpm.

The Revo® NP-7A closes bags of agricultural products, animal feeds, fertilizer, flour, chemicals and other pelleted and powder materials. The versatile closer also sews on horizontal surfaces and can be used to join two fabrics.

Revo® NP-7A closes virtually every type of bag, including Kraft paper, cotton, Hessian, jute, PP/PE woven cloth as well as other bag materials.

The portable closer is equipped with a safety plastic handle for insulation and features an oil pump lubrication system and automatic thread cutting. Oil lines direct lubricant to main moving elements.

Options available with the portable bag closer include double thread chain stitch, presser foot lifter, shoulder belt, thread cone cover, tape binding attachment and spring balancer with hanger.


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