Bag Closer Sewing Machine – Single Needle, Two Thread NP-32

SEWING SPEED – 1600 stitches per minute (5 to 8 bags per minute)

TYPE OF STITCH – Double thread chain-stitch


THREAD – Use Revo® premium & polyester bag-closing thread cones for maximum sewing performance

LUBRICANT – 2T Oil or SAE 10


STITCH LENGTH – 3 per inch (8.5mm) Fixed

TYPES OF BAGS – All kinds of woven PP/HDPE, Burlap, Jute, Cotton, Hessian and Multi-wall paper bags

NEEDLE – DN X 1 – 200/25 – Groz-Beckret

WEIGHT – 6.4 kg. (14 lbs)

This is the Bag Closer Sewing Machine with scissor cutter severs and thread and its come up with genuine spare parts.


1.  Perfect for bag closing applications demanding high-strength, tight closures – fast
2.  Double thread chain-stitch offers superior seam strength and does not unravel if the seam is cut
3.  It is simple to operate, even for inexperienced users as all operations are done with light touch of the switch in the handle
4.  Rugged construction offers trouble-free performance even in most adverse conditions in an agricultural or industrial bag closing environment
5.  Scissor-type cutter severs thread, bag after bag with minimum effort for maximum productivity
6.  Reinforced feed mechanism: wide presser foot, feed dog and throat plate ensures smooth, even looking plain and folded top bag closures
7.  Pressure pump system provides oil through internal oil lines to moving parts and helps prolong life of the machine

The machine can be operated completely portable or suspended using the Revo® custom-designed safety spring balancer unit and hanging hook supplied with the machine. To learn more about our products, genuine spare parts, thread and other accessories, please contact us.


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