Portbable bag Closer Sewing Machine DA-N

Single Needle, Single Thread, Portable Bag Closer Sewing Machine with Extra Foot Clearance for closing mouth of filled sacks. Also available with extra heavy duty motor for continuous running use.

POWER – 220V

BAG CLOSING SPEED – 1800 stitches per minute

TYPE OF STITCH – Feberal 101 – Single chain stitch

STITCH LENGTH – 3.5 stitches/inch (25.4mm) fixed

TYPE OF BAGS – All kinds of multi-wall paper, jute, burlap, cotton, Hessian, woven PP or HDPE bags


NEEDLE – DN x 1 200/5 (Groz Beckert)

WEIGHT – 5 kg. (11 pounds)

A single needle single threaded sewing machine use for closing mouth sacks. use for heavy duty industrial works.


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