BELT Conveyor Base Sewing System BELT

It comes up with 2-6 meters conveyor belt we are the largest manufacturer of sewing machine and all the conveyor belts.

CONVEYOR  – Belt Type

AVAILABLE CONVEYOR LENGTH – 3, 4, 5, 10 meters or as specified by customer


SEWING HEAD OPERATION – Electromagnetic clutch brake combination system control using electric foor switch

TRAVEL SPEED – 6 to 20m per minute (using speed adjustable pulleys)

AVAILABLE BELT WIDTH – 300mm, 350mm, or as specified by customer

ELECTRIC MOTORS – Available in 110V or 220 240V

Conveyor – 1hp, 3 phase, 2800rpm

NET WEIGHT – 3 Metres – 300 Kg.



2 meter belt conveyor
3 meter belt conveyor
4 meter belt conveyor
5 meter belt conveyor
6 meter belt conveyor

A professional bag closing conveyor system built around the Revo® rc series sewing heads.
The system features a conveyor system with speed of 20 meters per minute.
The sewing head is controlled using a powerful electromagnetic clutch brake combination to ensure prompt run stop response from the press or release of the electric foot pedal.
The screw lead inside the pillar is fully enclosed from dust. rotating the wheel requires minimum effort to adjust the height of the sewing head from 250mm to 1000mm from the conveyor belt. pillar with optional drive motor is also available to control sewing head height using an up/down electric switch.
Low speed electric motor (940rpm, 3 phase) for operating the conveyor belt produces enormous torque to carry several number of filled bags placed on the conveyor at the same time with ease.
Revo® belt conveyor system is also available with specifications given by the customer and can also be used with other conveyor sewing heads.


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