Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do we ship overseas?

A. Yes, we export in various countries across the globe. Our current export market includes the US, Australia, South Africa, Italy, France, Turkey, Dubai, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Serbia and Germany.

Q. What is the minimum order requirement?

A. No order is considered to be too small or too big to comply with. We appreciate that our customers need to place smaller Sample orders in the beginning in order to test our products. However, the landed cost of a small consignment is always on the higher side because of the freight rate structure.

Q. What are the Payment Methods?

A. Credit Card online – This method is most convenient and fast processing method for small orders as it minimizes the bank charges involved in comparison to other methods of payment. Payment processing requires between 2-3 working days.

B. Telegraphic Transfer (T.T.) – This method is for transferring payment via Bank and requires about a week for payment processing. Please send payment in favour of Swarup Mechanical Works, payable at State Bank of India, Ludhiana. Swift No. SBININBBA217.

C. Letter of Credit (L/Cr.) – This method involves considerable Bank charges. All Bank Changes as per the terms of Letter of Credit must be to the account of the buyer.

Note: Please inform us before and after sending payment to our Bank Account.

Q. What are the shipment methods?

A. This depends on the size of shipment, destination and Mode of dispatch. Normal modes of shipment are – “Sea Freight” and “Air Freight”. There are two options in Air Freight – via UPS Courier for small orders or Air Cargo for quantity orders.

Q. Do we offer Door-to-Door Delivery?

A. Yes. We often use UPS Courier to deliver goods direct to the customer.

Q. How can I get a C.I.F. Quote for an order?

A. C.I.F. rates are quoted on information of the exact quantity, destination and mode of dispatch preferred by you.

Q. Is it possible to send goods on ‘Freight to Pay’ basis?

A. Yes. There is an option of prices inclusive of freight charges or for receiving the consignment prices on ‘Freight to Pay’ basis.

Q. What are our Bank Detail ?

A. Our Bank details are as follows:

TT receiving bank for Correspondence: Swift No. SBINUS33XXX (SBI New York)
Beneficiry’s Bank: Swift No. SBININBBA217

DEOL HOUSE, CIVIL LINES, LUDHIANA-141 001(PUNJAB) Fax No. 91-161-2421550 Phone No.91-161-2421553, 2421554, 2421556 E-mail address of our bankers:sbiscbcl@glide.net.in


Phone no. 91-161-2530774, 2530472, and 5005940 Fax no. 91-161-2533751

Q. What is time period for delivery?

A. Time period for delivery depends upon the size of shipment, destination and Mode of dispatch. However, we are able to confirm time period once order has been confirmed.

Q. Do we have distributors abroad?

A. Yes, please contact us for contact details of your nearest distributor.